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The crown jewel of the historic third ward. The Mayer
Shower/locker rooms Shower/locker rooms
Riding your bike to the office and need to freshen up? Or need a quick shower after your work-out before the work day starts? Showers and locker rooms are available to all tenants to help you streamline your day.

Bike racks Bike racks
Now you can continue your personal campaign to reduce your carbon footprint during the week. Ride your bike to work! The Mayer has in-building bike racks where you can safely lock your bike during the day.
ATM / Fed Ex drop box ATM / Fed Ex drop box
The Mayer has an ATM on the second floor landing so you can make a quick stop for cash before that lunch meeting. And a FedEx drop box is a convenient time-saver so you don’t have to drive all over, trying to make that last pick-up.
Auto maintenance Auto maintenance
You have better things to do than trying to arrange car maintenance during the week. Get your car repaired or your oil changed while you work.
addiitional Amennities
Green cleaning / Full‐service dry‐cleaning pick‐up and delivery, alterations and shoe repair / Iron Horse Hotel preferred pricing / Shower/locker rooms

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